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More Visibility: Another Great Reason to Join RE/MAX.

Everybody Knows Your Name

  • You benefit every time a RE/MAX TV ad hits the airwaves
  • Tie your personal promotion into the national campaign
  • Sports advertising, online advertising, mobile applications, email newsletters, buyer/seller campaigns…
  • Exposure in over 100 countries and 13 territories
  • RE/MAX is the most recognizable name in Real Estate
  • RE/MAX.com is the 6th most searched Real Estate Website and the #1 most searched Real Estate Company Website.
Let RE/MAX TV advertising introduce you

Consumers spend more time with TV than any other medium. And RE/MAX is on TV more than all the other real estate brands combined. What does that mean to you? Everybody knows you, because everybody knows the RE/MAX brand and its reputation for excellence. Billions of impressions are viewed each year Nationally.

Make the most of your marketing by tying into the national campaign

RE/MAX is the most recognizable name in real estate. That’s the result of billions of dollars spent promoting the brand. Choose RE/MAX and benefit from over four decades of advertising with a consistent brand message.

Build on the billions of advertising impressions generated each year by RE/MAX agents

With more than 100,000 Associates like you promoting themselves and their listings worldwide, billions of RE/MAX advertising impressions are created every year. When you align with RE/MAX, you add to that power and immediately benefit from it.

Create professional flyers, virtual tours

Promote yourself and your listings with customized, professionally designed fliers, postcards, virtual tours, Web commercials and other templates using the RE/MAX Design Center. More than 1,500 templates are available to you online.

Get More From Your Brand

  • Thousands of top-producing agents have established the powerful reputation of “RE/MAX” for you
  • Combine your name and talents with the world wide leader in real estate sales
  • Take your marketing Above the Crowd!® with the world-famous RE/MAX balloon
Your reputation is all-important.

When you choose RE/MAX, you align with a brand whose reputation has been built by real estate’s best. Instantly enhance your credibility by aligning with a brand that means experience, professionalism and outstanding results

Combine your name and talents with the worldwide leader in real estate sales

When you work with the best, it brings out the best in you. And when you step up to RE/MAX, you’re joining the most productive sales force in the industry.

Take your marketing Above the Crowd!® with the RE/MAX Balloon

Let the unmistakable RE/MAX Balloon logo announce you as an experienced top producer in your community. When you add it to your marketing materials, it tells consumers you are one of the best.

Mine Social Media for Leads  & Utilize the Mobile Application

  • Post videos of your listings on the RE/MAX YouTube Brand Channel
  • Leverage RE/MAX sites on Social Media
  • Your clients can search property on Your Personalized Branded Mobile Application


Expand your online sphere of influence
  • Engage your friends, fans and followers where they interact online
  • Stay up-to-date and network with others on RE/MAX sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Post your profile and listings on YouTube
Capture leads with videos of your listings on the RE/MAX Brand Channel on YouTube, the site where 14 billion videos are viewed every month.
Be part of the hottest personal promotion trend
Join the thousands of fans on the RE/MAX Facebook page. Leverage this online community for updates and contacts that will carry over to your personal social media pages.
Turn online conversations into leads

Improve your social-networking skills through training offered online by RE/MAX University. Video programs provide:

  • Tips from social media experts
  • Success stories from top producers

Ready To Talk About How The RE/MAX Brand Can Help With Your Advertising?

With the RE/MAX brand… everyone knows your name. Our agents have an advantage over other agents when they market themselves.

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