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Staging Your Home To Sell: 8 Ways To Make Buyers Fall In Love

Staging Your Home To Sell: 8 Ways To Make Buyers Fall In Love

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Will Rogers said that about people, but the same rule holds true for homes. When preparing to sell your home, you must take advantage of every opportunity to make your first impression stunning. Here are 8 tips to blow your potential buyers away.

  1. Curb Appeal: A buyer’s first impression is the outside of your home. Make it beautiful! Keep sidewalks cleared, remove shoes and kids’ toys, mow the lawn, and paint any faded window trim or peeling paint on the deck. Make sure your outside lights are working and remove oil stains from the driveway (cola is a great way to do this!). Planting yellow flowers will evoke emotion.
  2. Ambiance: You want the buyer to walk into your home and not want to leave! A few suggestions: play smooth jazz, bake cookies before an open house, and/or use a diffuser to provide a tranquil scent.
  3. Cleanliness: You want to make sure the house is clean. Clean grout lines, remove cobwebs, clean out the refrigerator, and dust ceiling fans and light fixtures. Hang fresh towels, vacuum regularly, polish chrome faucets, wash the windows and mirrors, and MOST importantly, clean and air out any odors.
  4. Minor repairs: Minor repairs can truly aid the salability of the home. Patch holes, fix leaky faucets, adjust doors that don’t close properly, and re-caulk showers, tubs, and sinks. Replace burnt out light bulbs and make sure the walls are a neutral color. If a room is small, hang curtains a foot higher than the top of the window, which will create the illusion of a larger room.
  5. De-Clutter: Have you ever been in a model home? Make your home a model home by clearing off kitchen and bathroom counters. Make sure shoes are neatly placed on a shoe rack or in the garage. Don’t leave anything in the entryway and hide cords. The best way to de-clutter is to actually start packing!
  6. Disassociate and De-Personalize: When de-cluttering, remember to consider personal items you’ll be taking with you. Providing the buyer with an opportunity to envision themselves in the home is crucial. This can be achieved by removing personal photos and limiting the use of décor that has phrases.
  7. Move Your Favorite Items: If you love a chandelier and want to take it with you, remove it before showing the property. If a buyer doesn’t see it, they can’t fall in love with it.
  8. Rearrange and Organize: Buyers have a tendency to open the cabinets and closets. A few organizing tips: hang clothes together, buttoned, and in the same direction; neatly stack dishes; and have items in your cabinets and refrigerator facing forward. Avoid placing furniture at an angle, as it makes the room look smaller.

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